Biographical Statement


My childhood experience involved living in many different parts of the country, as Dad had corporate roles, and our family moved accordingly. I enjoyed the cultures, the wilderness, and scouting.


I obtained degrees to become a therapist; receiving a Masters in Psychology at Cal State University Sonoma. I practiced processes which enhance wellness, health, happiness, and human potential; and principles engendering self-actualization, creativity, self-respect, collaboration, group values, and personal growth. I initially served in and managed clinics; then in private practice and training University graduate students as therapists.

I liked the creative aspects and variety of building; obtaining a contractor’s license and a private pilot’s license.  I began planning and developing residential projects in California and Nevada. This led to becoming a Division President for public corporations engaged in high volume production housing of up to 850 homes per year. I was responsible for 175 people, and had the opportunity to lead 2 distinct corporate environments. The principles I practiced as a therapist became valuable in supporting team effectiveness.

As a builder/developer I directed and participated in an extremely broad variety of related disciplines during a time of intense growth.

In 2007 I carried this knowledge into consulting with many types of business; public and private companies, community non-profit groups, government, and non-governmental organizations.